What Our Customers Say

What  Our  Customers  Say

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Our employees absolutely love having their favorite espresso drink available just steps away. The aroma is delightful as the espresso machine grinds the fresh beans for each selection! Our staff really appreciates that our company chooses to show how highly it values our hard work by providing this wonderful service. They sure do get a significant bang for their investment. We Love it!

Maureen O.—Executive Assistant

I absolutely love the espresso machine in the break room.  The cappuccino’s, espresso’s, latte’s and straight-up coffee are great!  Excellent beans, excellent machine.  I love to get a cup of coffee and just walk up, push the button and get a fresh cup, every time.  It’s great to be able to get a custom cup of coffee quickly not only for yourself, but for your customers and vendors, too.  When people see and experience the delicious pick-me-up, it really brightens their day.

Jeff C.—Engineering Manager

Wow, what a great perk this is! No need to waste time going to the local (or not so local) coffee shop when we have this available to us at work. And, what a nice thing to offer to our visitors – especially for those early morning meetings! Thanks for providing such a great product and service!

Pilar M.—Sr. Marketing Manager

I just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying the different types of coffees we can get from our espresso machine. I’ve tried them all, Espresso, Latte, Café Mocha, Cappuccino, French Vanilla. The coffee is delicious and the service is very reasonably priced. My favorite is the French Vanilla. I really appreciate the convenience and I’m very glad our company supplies this!

Thank you from Gloria N.—Receptionist

I’ll have a Café Mocha with an extra shot of Espresso!

It is wonderful to have our own in-house automated Barista, why take a trip to the corner coffee shop when I can just take a short walk to the break room for a cup of Java.  I’ve actually gotten to know other team members from other departments while we watched the machine freshly grind and brew our custom coffee drinks.  It’s a total morale booster knowing our company offers such quality coffee beverages for us all, as well a great treat for those who visit our office.

Francisco P.—Sr. Graphic Designer

Although I do not drink coffee I have received many positive comments over the years about the quality of the coffee. I appreciate that the brewers and automated espresso equipment are well maintained and that the coffee and other supplies don’t run out.  Great service, great perk for all!

Wayne B.—Facilities Manager

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