Ultimate Perks


Our core mission is delivering exceptional service, every day! Our quality coffee, products, equipment and service bring excellent value to your business. The Ultimate Perks for improving morale in your office!

You can trust and depend on us to bring added value and smiles to your workplace.
Free, no-obligation review
Our mission is to be of service. We’d like to share information with you from our 30 plus years of experience to help improve your employees’ appreciation of the investment that your company makes in the office coffee perk for their enjoyment. Even if you are not considering changing coffee vendors, our goal after a complimentary meeting is for you to come away with ideas to improve your coffee service, and hence your team’s satisfaction.

We can help you find ways to add value to your company’s office coffee service investment and improve it’s positive effects on your employees and your company’s bottom line. Let us meet with you to discuss your needs, desires and current service.

• We use local roasters and are Peet’s and Starbucks Authorized Distributors.
• You’re assured of excellent service, the highest quality coffee and the utmost freshness.
• Product is accurately inventoried, rotated and stocked for freshness at each coffee station
• Office coffee brewers provided FREE.
• For the Ultimate Perk, we can also provide Espresso Service.
• Filtered water makes the best coffee—that’s all we use!
Quality coffee service in the work place is important to employee happiness, productivity and the company’s  bottom line. Consider these articles on it’s importance!

Energize the Moment, Invigorate the Spirit, and Inspire Your Team !