Traditional Office Coffee


Modern brewing equipment ensures the perfect pot of coffee each and every time.

Traditional office coffee service is far from old-fashioned. Ultimate Perks offers the sophisticated state-of-the-art coffee equipment that turn grounds into an aromatic brew everyone in the office can enjoy. We personalize the equipment to meet your needs from offering glass coffee pots on warmers to thermal cafes that can be transported to conference rooms or reception areas. If you want fresh ground beans to use with your traditional brewers, Bunn bean grinders are available upon request. Of course, if you want to offer the ultimate in the bean-to-cup experience for your highly valued team, see our Automated Espresso equipment.


We supply a variety of office coffee brewers at no charge. Also, check here to learn about the different brands and blends of coffee we offer.

Your Service Guarantee: Equipment is meticulously maintained, virtually eliminating the need for service calls.