It’s About Service


Many good office coffee companies can supply the equipment and products to fit your needs, but great service is the variable that makes or breaks whether your team is actually well pleased and happy (and you have one less day-to-day issue on your already full plate). If you might be wondering if your coffee service is up to snuff or simply looking to improve your company’s coffee perk, consider this…

Are you getting all that you and your team can and should be getting with your current coffee service? Consider these important details, besides just getting products delivered.

  • Run out of products between deliveries?
  • Equipment repair problems? Get Band-Aid fixes that requiring additional calls?
  • Equipment not preventatively maintained and cleaned regularly to avoid need for service calls?
  • Equipment or product outage service calls too often?
  • Slow or inadequate response time when called?
  • Route person not able to fix all possible equipment issues (need to wait for a repairman to be sent out)?

  • Getting employee complaints about you coffee companies products or service?
  • Route person not friendly and engaging with employees?
  • Supplies at each coffee station disorganized so staff cannot find what they need?
  • Coffee, creamers etc. not fresh (inventory not being rotated)?
  • General feeling of a need to upgrade coffee service?
  • Current coffee equipment out of date?
  • Product prices too high?

What  great service that you and your team deserve looks like in contrast:

  • Route person: is also the tech who is able to fix any equipment issues immediately (not needing to wait for a service tech to be dispatched one or more days later).
  • Cleans equipment and performs preventative maintenance at each visit.
  • Make service calls on week ends to insure your coffee or espresso is flowing Monday morning.
  • Does complete computer inventory of every OCS product at every coffee station and based on that station’s usage history, delivers the needed amounts to last until the next delivery (no inconveniences of products running out).
  • Reorganizes the cabinets so stock easily findable and rotated for freshness.
  • Is engaging, friendly and responsive to your employees needs and requests.

For a facilities manager or person responsible for your teams coffee service, when you have a company that you can count on and trust to proactively take care of everything,  the coffee service is essentially off your plate and off your radar… That’s a great vendor!