Espresso Service



Automated Espresso in the office is mainstream these days since many employees are coffee house frequenters.  You can fulfill their need for a high quality espresso beverage AND keep them at work!  How do you put a price on that? It’s an invaluable productivity booster. Serving discriminating office coffee needs, we provide the ultimate coffee house experience, right in your own office. No longer will employees need to spend time going out to a coffee house to get their gourmet coffee fix satisfied! Your company will love you for it. What’s more, this particularly cost effective perk comes with a Free Trial.

What We Do

Espresso service is not necessarily intended to replace a traditional coffee service, but to add a premium coffee experience to your office. We proudly feature the best gourmet coffee and specialty Espresso brewing equipment available. They grind and press gourmet beans fresh for each cup of delicious coffee! Watch the smiles as your staff discovers the wonderful flavors available, anytime, at the touch of a button. No more employee time wasted going out to a coffee house. They brew all of the most popular gourmet hot beverages in just seconds like: Espresso, Café Americano, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino, whipped Hot Chocolate  and more!

How It Works

Now the authentic gourmet coffee house experience, quality and selection can be available to your employees and clients in your own office.  No “barista” required! The process is the same as in the finest coffee houses:  finely ground gourmet beans, pressed under 140 lb. of pressure, to produce a pure coffee essence with a golden “crema”—an authentic Espresso! Filtered water makes the best coffee—that’s all we use. We clean, service and refill the machine on a weekly basis.


• Improved morale and productivity (keeps people from going out for it).
• Espresso beverages are easy on the stomach—there is less acid and no sulfurs.
• Employees and clients benefit from having a freshly brewed cup of gourmet     Espresso coffee available anytime without ever having to leave the office.
• A wonderful benefit that will make your staff feel valued and appreciated!
• Watch the smiles as your staff discovers the temptingly strong aroma, rich full crema and the wonderful flavors available anytime, at the touch of a button.
• A satisfying Espresso helps to energize the moment, invigorate the spirit and reward hard work.
• They will love you for it, not to mention the kudos from your boss!

Energize the Moment, Invigorate the Spirit, and Inspire Your Team !