Espresso Equipment


Here are all the super cool automated espresso machines that perk up your company’s culture.

True Espresso Beverage Machines

HLF                                                                                                                      HLF Touchscreen

Colibri                                                                            Cafection

Made in Italy…who better to create the ultimate Espresso experience?  They are a compact, efficient and convenient method of brewing amazingly delicious Espresso beverages. They are suitable for all locations in stylish European designed cabinets from Italy’s leading manufacturers of automatic Espresso machines.

How It Works

Now the authentic gourmet coffee house experience, quality and selection can be available to your employees and clients in your own officeNo “barista” required!
Whole Fresh-Roasted Beans are ground and pressed for each cup. The beans are delicately blended to produce a rich, smooth Espresso with a velvety crema and fine nutty tones in the finish. The process is the same as in the finest coffee houses: finely ground gourmet beans, pressed under 140 lb. of pressure, to produce a pure coffee essence with a golden “crema”—an authentic Espresso!  Whipped non-fat milk is added for Latté or Cappuccino. Mocha adds a shot of chocolate. Americano adds water. Filtered water makes the best coffee—that’s all we use! See what our customers say.

Bringing the Coffee House Experience Into Your Office !