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The One Office Perk You Must Splurge On

“What’s the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning? For many Americans, it’s enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. It’s a simple pleasure, but it’s one that people depend on. Thirty-eight percent of workers think they couldn’t live without it, according to a recent study.”

“Small business owners, listen up. Providing your employees with free coffee is an easy, cheap way to keep them happy. Here’s why:  Workers love coffee, Coffee improves performance, Coffee breaks create a positive office culture, Perks improve office morale. For the complete article, click this or the title link above.

The Health Benefits of Coffee

If you’re shopping for office coffee, chances are one of your major concerns is for the health and productivity of your employees. At Ultimate Perks, we love coffee… but we love it even more knowing that, for most people, its health effects are almost entirely positive. For more see The Health Benefits of Coffee.

Facilities Management – Is it about the people or the profits

“Facilities Management is a profession that touches every person in an organization. Our decisions affect employees, customers, productivity, costs, and equipment life. This article is a discussion about the responsibilities – is it about the people or the profits?” …

…   “I have worked with people who focus on a yearend bonus. They focus on saving money to improve their bonus without regard for people, comfort, or safety. They made decisions based on cost instead of quality and comfort. Amenities like coffee and bottled water were available, or not available, based on what the facility manager wanted.” For the complete article, click this or the title link above.







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