Your Office Coffee Experience…      IT’S  ALL  ABOUT  SERVICE !

Many office coffee service companies can supply the equipment and products to fit your needs, but great service is the variable that makes or breaks whether your team is actually well pleased and happy (and you have one less day-to-day issue on your already full plate). If your company is trying to reel in top tier talent and keep your current superstars engaged… you might be wondering if your coffee service is up to snuff or if you’re looking to improve your company’s coffee perk, consider this…

Are you getting all that you and your team should be getting with your current coffee service? Consider these important details, besides just getting coffee products delivered.

  • Recurring equipment repair problems? Get Band-Aid fixes requiring additional calls?
  • Run out of products between deliveries?
  • Equipment not preventatively maintained and cleaned regularly to avoid need for service calls?
  • Equipment or product outage service calls too often?
  • Slow or inadequate response time when called?
  • Route person not able to fix all possible equipment issues (need to wait for a repairman to be sent out)?

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Ultimate Perks


Our core mission is delivering exceptional service, every day! Our quality coffee, products, equipment and service bring excellent value to your business. The Ultimate Perks for improving morale in your office!

You can trust and depend on us to bring added value and smiles to your workplace.
Free, no-obligation review
Our mission is to be of service. We’d like to share information with you from our 30 plus years of experience to help improve your employees’ appreciation of the investment that your company makes in the office coffee perk for their enjoyment. Even if you are not considering changing coffee vendors, our goal after a complimentary meeting is for you to come away with ideas to improve your coffee service, and hence your team’s satisfaction. Continue reading “Ultimate Perks”

Espresso Service



Automated Espresso in the office is mainstream these days since many employees are coffee house frequenters.  You can fulfill their need for a high quality espresso beverage AND keep them at work!  How do you put a price on that? It’s an invaluable productivity booster. Serving discriminating office coffee needs, we provide the ultimate coffee house experience, right in your own office. No longer will employees need to spend time going out to a coffee house to get their gourmet coffee fix satisfied! Your company will love you for it. What’s more, this particularly cost effective perk comes with a Free Trial.

What We Do

Espresso service is not necessarily intended to replace a traditional coffee service, but to add a premium coffee experience to your office. We proudly feature the best gourmet coffee and specialty Espresso brewing equipment available. They grind and press gourmet beans fresh for each cup of delicious coffee! Continue reading “Espresso Service”

About Us


Serving the Tri-Valley, Silicon Valley and East Bay area’s discriminating office coffee service needs with service you can trust and will come to depend on. We are locally owned and operated, serving delighted customers that have been trusting our services since 1984. We strongly value the relationships we have developed with our clients over the past 35 years and look forward to providing exceptional service to our new customers, with consistent personalized attention to your needs. We take care of your team like they were our own family.

You can trust and will come to depend on us to bring value to your company. See what our customers say. We use local roasters and are Peet’s and Starbucks authorized distributors. You are assured of the utmost freshness, excellent service and the highest quality coffee.

Bringing the Coffee House Experience Into Your Office !

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